Hello. I'm Tatyana Kazanskaya - the author and manufacturer of the pottery apron and other items presented here.

Once my friend, a potter and master of decorative and applied arts, complained me, that there was nowhere to buy a good apron for working behind the potter's wheel.I came up with a design, picked up fabric, accessories and sewed a trial apron. After my friend tested the apron at work, then he ordered several of the same aprons for his friends, masters of pottery. Other potters from different regions of Russia began to contact me, and I started to make custom-made aprons, adapting the first model to different shapes and requirements.Since then I make various aprons for working people around the World.


Pottery apron design

This is the first model I came up with in 2015.
potters apron splitleg

• Split leg When the master (potter) sits behind the potter’s wheel, the bottom of the apron swings open like pants and closes his feet from the spray of clay.

• Adjustable straps: the apron is easily tuned to people of different heights and sizes, gives freedom of movement and looks beautiful on the figure.

• Convenient fasteners from high-strength plastic. You can easily fasten or unfasten your belt, even your hands are wet or dirty!

• Waterproof material of light weight easy to clean: you can remove clay from the apron with a damp cloth. If necessary, the aprons can be washed, they dry very quickly.

Initially, this apron was intended for throwing at the potter’s wheel. And this design is also convenient for many other craftsmen: tattoo artists, woodcarvers, feltingists, etc.

According to my customers reviews the aprons are comfortable, durable, beautiful and retain a good appearance with long intensive use.


Standard aprons for pottery

Basic pottery apron

buy pottery apron

The basic version Pottery Apron has one neck loop and a belt with a fastener. (If you prefer the belt with ties, just write me, and I will make an apron for you to order)

The straps are adjustable in length, so the apron fits for people of different sizes

For better protection, there are clasps at the bottoms, these panels can be wrapped around the legs, creating a semblance of overalls.


Kids - for kids 7-10 age old

S - for teens or adults height 140-160 cm | 4' 8" - 5' 2"

M - height 160-170 cm | 5' 3" - 5' 7"

L - height 175-185 cm | 5' 8" - 6'

Custom - by your measurements


100% polyester waterproof. This fabric is wipeable by wet sponge, simple to washing and quickly dry.


To ensure a wide range of products, I sew aprons of the same color in small batches. I have 3-4 colors of aprons ready to ship each time, and another 3-4 colors the next time.



Sorry, due to international sanctions, buyers outside of Russia are unable to shop in my store at this time.



Update 05.04.2022
Russian Post is working normally anyway. I monitor the delivery situation every day.

If it happens that the package cannot be delivered - I will immediately refund your money.


I send aprons all over the World by Russian Post. After sending it, I'll definitely send you a number for tracking.

Normal delivery takes 10-45 days, depending on the distance.

Delivery times

Asia -15-30 days

Australia and Oceania - 15-45 days

Europe - 15-30 days

North America - 10-30 days

United Kingdom - 10-30 days

Russia - 1-15 days

If you need express delivery, please contact me before placing an order.



Aprons are made from high quality materials on professional equipment, neatly and thoroughly. Fabrics for each model are specially selected, samples are pre-tested. All materials have quality certificates.

If the buyer complies with the care recommendations, the aprons withstand at least five years of intensive use. In case of damage to the accessories, I will send all the necessary replacement parts for free upon your request.

And moreover, I conscientiously and responsibly relate to the quality of my products. I want the everyone, putting on my apron, to be happy and remember me with a kind words for many years. Therefore, if suddenly the apron does not suit you - send it back to me, I will replace it with a more suitable one or return the money to you.


I am very grateful to all the people who took the time to write to me personally about their impressions of the aprons and left feedback on my social networks.

Your reviews, especially photos, as well as questions and suggestions help me see and understand: what else can be improved, added or changed, so that the aprons become the best.

Here are some reviews from my Etsy shop. If you want to share your opinion too, I will always be happy to hear from you too!

Erika: "This is the best non absorbent potters apron I have owned. The design provides excellent coverage when throwing at the wheel and when walking around the studio. It is extremely well made and the lavender/periwinkle color is lovely. I highly recommend this apron."

Helene: "Très satisfaite de mon achat ! De très belle qualité et avec une belle finition. Je recommande !"

Peggy:"I just received my apron, and it fits beautifully! The workmanship is very high quality. The design of the apron will really protect my clothes when working on a potter's wheel. I highly recommend Tatyana to one and all."

Rosemary: "This is a lovely item, and so well made. My daughter, who received it for Christmas, put it on and wore it all morning! It's as much a fashion statement as a useful item. We are very pleased with the purchase. Thank you!"

Custom pottery aprons

I hаvе developed several original types of aprons for different works and creative activities.

artisan's apron potters apron tablier pour potier

Special models for women

female apron female apron Japaneese style female apron

Folk style aprons

Cherkeska Chokha

Custom Pottery Apron XXX Large


I produce aprons of any size: adults and kids, for non-standard bodies, tall and short, small and extra large sizes, for women and for men.

Also, in addition to the apron, you can order: arm ruffles, headgear, tool bag, work dress, etc. - so you will have a complete set of comfortable work clothes.

Logo placement on aprons and other things is possible.

Custom apron production time - 14-30 days.

To make personal order, please e-mail or contact me in my social networks.



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